Where To Stay

For Government Accommodation

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation provides individuals to do real time advance bookings for Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation owned hotels, huts and various other properties in Jammu Province. Now Individuals can book Packages and Accommodation in JKTDC's hotels, huts at Jammu, Katra, Patnitop, Kud, Batote, Mansar, Sanasar, Katra, Chichi Mata, Ramban in Jammu Province.

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For Private Accommodation

Jammu District


  S.No Name of Hotel Tel. No
1 M/S Asia Hotel, Nehru Market, Jammu 2435760
2 M/S Jammu Ashok Hotel, Opposite Amar Mahal, Jammu 2543571
3 M/S Hari Niwas Hotel resorts(P) Ltd. Palace Road, Jammu 2543303
4 M/S K.C Hotel (P) Ltd. residency Road, Jammu 2547561
5 M/S Jehlum Resorts Hotel (P) Ltd. Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. 2470079
6 M/S Muskan Hotel (P) Ltd., Bye Pass Road, Channi Himat, Jmu. 2460282
7 M/s Hotel Fortune Inn Riviera 2561415
8 M/s Sky Line Hotel, Narwal Chowk, Jammu 9622211190


 S.No Name of Hotel Tel.  No
1 M/s Modern Hotel K.C Market, Jammu 2543434
2 M/S Swastik Hotel Gurudwara Sunder Singh Road Jammu 2544087
3 M/S Jewel Hotel & Restaurant Jewel Chowk Jammu 2520801
4 M/S Jammu International Hotel Gurudwara S.S Road Jammu 2561580
5 M/S Naz Hotel & Restaurant  Vir Marg Jammu 2543836
6 M/S Standard Hotel & Restaurant Vir Marg Jammu 2578855
7 M/S Vardan Hotel General Bus Stand Jammu. 2573212
8 M/S Ram Singh Palace Hotel & Restaurant BC Road, Jammu 2577495
9 M/S Sitra Hotel & Restaurant Below Gumat Jammu 2544925
10 M/S Vivek Hotel & Restaurant  General Bus Stand Jammu 2547545
11 M/S Samrat Hotel General Bus stand Jammu 2548212
12 M/S Kranti Hotel Railway Station Jammu 2471848
13 M/S Mughal Darbar Hotel (P) Ltd. Vir Marg,Jammu 2570579
14 M/S Nek Hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2579741
15 M/S Moti Mahal Hotel Gurudwara S.Singh Road, Jammu 2543307
16 M/S Vadwa Hotel (P) Ltd Residency Road,Jammu 2576417
17 M/S K.C Food Station Residency Road,Jammu 2547257
18 M/S Swagat Resorts Hotel Gurudwara S.S Road Jammu 2540168
19 M/S Ashiana Hotel & Restaurant Below Gumat Jammu 2547371
20 M/S Hotel City Centre, Jewel Chowk Jammu 2573295
21 M/S Mansar Hotel Gurudwara S.Singh Road,Jammu 2543610
22 M/S Ziyafat Hotel Shahidhi Chowk Jammu 2560537
23 M/S Imperial Hotel, Residency Road, Ext. Jammu 2576102
24 M/S Premier (P) Ltd, Vir Marg Jammu 2561628
25 M/S Surya excellence Hotel, Below Gumat, Jammu 2566242
26 M/S Sant Hotel, Sant Market, Chand Nagar Jammu 2577078
27 M/S Romesh Hotel, Hari Market Jammu. 2546306
28 M/S Chanderlok Hotel, Raghunath Bazar Jammu 2542932
29 M/S Novelty Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2564150
30 M/S Hotel Jahangir,Vir Marg Jammu. 9419191187
31 M/S Shanker Hotel Railway Station Jammu 2470812
32 Hotel 2542932
33 M/s Hotel Verma Below Gumat Jammu 2577574
34 M/S New Karan Hotel Bakshi Nagar Jammu 2585746
35 M/S The City Heart Karan Market Jammu 2578992
36 M/S Savoy Hotel Residency Road Jammu 2571947
37 M/S TRG Hotel 29-GMC Rail Head Jammu 2471605
38 M/S Rajdhani Hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2562637
39 M/S M. C. Doller, Gujjar Nagar, Jammu 2107362
40 M/S Grand Plaza Hotel (P) Ltd B.C Road Jammu 2541144
41 M/S Gupta Resorts Nasual Bala Jammu 9419193021
42 M/S Advantage Plus Hotel (P) Ltd Railway Station Jammu 2478288


S.No Name of Hotel Tel.  No
1 M/S India Pride hotel, Chand Nagar Jammu 2560925
2 M/S New India Pride Hotel,Chand Nagar, Jammu 2576359
3 M/S Khazan Hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2541268
4 M/S Fort View Hotel, Chand Nagar Jammu. 2544985
5 M/S Sartaj Hotel Vir Marg Jammu  
6 M/S Apsara Hotel, Vir Marg Jammu 2578680
7 M/S New Shan Hotel, Vir Marg Jammu 2546141
8 M/S City Light Hotel Jewel Jammu 2543902
9 M/S Arya Bhat Hotel, R.N. Chowk, Jammu 2576809
10 M/S Crown Hotel, Partap Garh, Jammu 2548053
11 M/S Jandial Hotel Hari Market Jammu 2578059
12 M/S Ajay Hotel Upper Gumat Jammu 2576722
13 M/S Shivalik Hotel, Hari Market Jammu 2575842
14 M/S Crystal Hotel, Hari Market Jammu 2572390
15 M/S Gupta Hotel, Hari Market Jammu. 2540670
16 M/S Picnic Hotel &  Restaurant  Idd  Gah Road, Jammu 2573931
17 M/S Himgiri Hotel, R.N. Bazar, Jammu 2548041
18 M/S Anil Hotel, Moti Bazar, Jammu 2545402
19 M/s Gain Hotel, Moti Bazar, Jammu 2549602
20 M/s Sangam Hotel, Below Gumat Jammu 2575458
21 M/S Raj Hotel, Gurudwara S. Singh Road, Jammu 2544630
22 M/s New Surya Hotel, Hari Market Jammu 2576872
23 M/S Aman Hotel, Chand Nagar Jammu 2544483
24 M/S New Krishan Palace Hotel, Chand Nagar Jammu. 2540626
25 M/S Tawi View Hotel, Below Gumat Jammu 2573752
26 M/S Green Palace Hotel, Hari Market Jammu 2548156
27 M/S Karan Hotel Moti Bazar Jammu --
28 M/S Durga Hotel Below Gumat, Jammu 2545123
29 M/S Royal Hotel, Below Gumat Jammu 2542146
30 M/S Priti Hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2540469
31 M/S City Top Hotel, Below Gumat, Jammu 2577606
32 M/S Arjuna Hotel Jewel Chowk Jammu 2578211
33 M/S Palace Hotel Vir Marg, Jammu 2544903
34 M/S New Jammu Hotel Lower R.N. Bazar Jammu 2544683
35 M/S Bikram Hotel Railway Station, Jammu 2451750
36 M/S Tourist Hotel Railway Station, Jammu  2430465
37 M/S Green View Hotel, Below Gumat Jammu 2573906
38 M/S Gulmour Hotel, Gurudwara S. Singh Road, Jammu 2577516
39 M/S Sher-I-Kashmir Hotel Idd Gah Road Jammu --
40 M/S King Hotel, Chand Nagar Jammu 2548271
41 M/S Archana Hotel & Restaurant Shalimar Road Jammu --
42 M/S Taj Hotel Talab Khatikian Jammu 2579560
43 M/S Pakeeza Hotel(Lodge) Talab Khatikian Jammu 2579672
44 M/S Richi Lodge Jewel Chowk Jammu 2570261
45 M/S Kashmir Lodge(hotel) Residency Road Jammu 2548594
46 M/S New Kwality Lodge Vir Marg Jammu --
47 M/S Aristocrat Hotel Ashoka Market R.N. Bazar Jammu 2549004
48 M/S Diamond Hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2577792
49 M/S Mugal Hotel, Talab Khatikian  Jammu --
50 M/S Raghunath Hotel near Hari Market Jammu 2547560
51 M/S Krishna Hotel Upper Gumat  Jammu 2541496
52 M/S Jai Hotel R.N. Bazar Jammu. --
53 M/S Shri Ram Hotel Jain Bazar  Jammu 2545454
54 M/S Madhuban Hotel, Hari Market  Jammu 2548913
55 M/S Mini Palace Hotel, Gurudwara  S. Singh Road, Jammu 2548950
56 M/S Parkash Residency Hotel, Below Gumat Jammu 2545875
57 M/S Jammu Tourist Hotel, R.N. Bazar Jammu --
58 M/S Amar Palace Hotel R.N. Bazar Jammu --
59 M/S Verma Lodge Jewel Chowk, Jammu 2577574
60 M/S Hussan Hotel, Talab Khatikian Jammu 2549311
61 M/S New Swastik Hotel, Gurudwara S. Singh Road, Jammu 2543172
62 M/S Sahil Palace Hotel, Below Gumat, Jammu 2579081
63 M/S Mansar Top Hotel R.N. Bazar Jammu --
64 M/S Khorana Hotel Hari Market Jammu 2542283
65 M/S Savera Hotel, R.N. Bazar Jammu 2549936
66 M/S Airlines Hotels Canal Road, Jewel  Jammu 2578814
67 M/S City View Hotel Upper Gumat Jammu 2546714
68 M/S Paarth Hotel R.N. Bazar Jammu 2545514
69 M/S Sahil Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2541081
70 M/S Cross View Hotel & Restaurant Jhajjar Kotli Jammu --
71 M/S Govind Lodge B.C. Road Jammu 2576045
72 M/S Gagan Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2545131
73 M/S Tourist camp Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2540452
74 M/S White Lodge, City Chowk Jammu --
75 M/S Hotel City Heart Lodge Hari Market, Jammu 2518992
76 M/S Akshya Lodge, Vir Marg, Jammu. --
77 M/S J.K.Guest House JDA Shopping Complex Rly. Station, Jmu  
78 M/S Ambassador Lodge R.N.Bazar Jammu 2577455
79 M/S New Shiva Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2545948
80 M/S Golden Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2545946
81 M/S Soma Lodge B.C. Road Jammu 2560295
82 M/S Danyal Lodge Talab Khatikian Jammu 2546828
83 M/S Rajindra Palace Upper Gumat Jammu --
84 M/S Mahindra Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2548595
85 M/S Darpan Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2577198
86 M/S Rajesh Lodge Vir Marg, Jammu 2544303
87 M/S Anant Guest house Gandhi Nagar,Jammu --
88 M/S New Lakshmi Guest House, Chand Nagar,Jammu --
89 M/S Trikuta Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2578994
90 M/S Ashok Palace Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2546301
91 M/S Kanshika Lodge Prade Ground Jammu 2520069
92 M/S Shaheen Lodge Talab Khatikian Jammu 2578672
93 M/S Pahalgam Lodge,Shahidi Chowk Jammu --
94 M/S Amrita Hotels, Gurudwara S. Singh Road, Jammu  2570621
95 M/S Koushlya’s  Inn Hotels Buta Mkt. Old Hospital Road Jammu --
96 M/S Jai Jawala Lodge Chand Nagar, Jammu 2549231
97 M/S Star Lodge, Jewel Chowk Jammu 2576483
98 M/S Tahban Guest House, Residency Road Jammu 2560537
99 M/S Jammu Palace Hotel & Restaurant Mian Dedo Chowk, Jmu 2540026
100 M/S Anand Lodge, Prade Ground Jammu --
101 M/S Sanasar Lodge Lakhdata Bazar, Jammu 2547759
102 M/S New Fort View, Jogi Gate Jammu --
103 M/S Sweet Home Lodge,39 A/B Gandhi Nagar Jammu --
104 M/S Kiran Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2542814
105 M/S Narulla Lodge  Vir Marg, Jammu 2547422
106 M/S GEM Lodge Panjwakhtar Road Jammu 2548534
107 M/S Aroma lodge R.N. Bazar Jammu 2544587
108 M/S Amar Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2578956
109 M/S Suraj Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2542791
110 M/S R.K. Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu --
111 M/S Vasant lodge Shalimar Road, Jammu. --
112 M/S New Arjuna Lodge R.N. Bazar Jammu --
113 M/S Raju Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu  
114 M/S New Diamond Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2577792
115 M/S Indira Hotel,Chand Nagar Below Gumat, Jammu 2546909
116 M/S Vimal Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2549774
117 M/S Amrit Lodge Vir Marg Jammu 2570621
118 M/S Mini Broadway lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2545031
119 M/S Broadway lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2547072
120 M/S Kong posh Lodge Shahidi Chowk Jammu. 2549765
121 M/S Right Way Lodge, Chand Nagar, Jammu. 2540530
122 M/S Volga Lodge  Below Gumat, Jammu 2576750
123 M/S Jagamba Lodge Below Gumat, Jammu 2548403
124 M/S The Plaza Hotel,Gurudawara S.S.Road,jammu. 2572871
125 M/S Vishal Lodge, Moti bazaar Jammu 2573750
126 M/S Rohit Lodge, Jewel Jammu 2576805
127 M/S Santosh Lodge, Indira Chowk Jammu --
128 M/S Sixer Lodge, Chand Nagar Jammu 2576002
129 M/S Avon Lodge Below Gumat Jammu 2547154
130 M/S Grand Lodge Shalimar Jammu 2542471
131 M/S Kailash Lodge, Chand Nagar,Jammu 2573296
132 M/S Sheela Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu --
133 M/S Benzir Lodge, Talab Khatikian Jammu --
134 M/S Imran Lodge Circular Road Jammu --
135 M/S Rajindra Lodge, Chand Nagar,Jammu 2544724
136 M/S Shalimar Lodge Below Gumat Jammu 2575290
137 M/S Surakasha Lodge, Kanji house  Vir Marg Jammu 9419132761
138 M/S Jagat lodge Hari Market Jammu 2579184
139 M/S King Fisher Lodge, R.N. Bazar Jammu 2574372
140 M/S Shakuntla Lodge, Below Gumat Jammu 2575288
141 M/S Anand Bhawan Lodge New Plot Jammu --
142 M/S Durga   Palace Lodge, R.N. Bazar Jammu 2578446
143 M/S Pushap Guest House Chand Nagar,Jammu  2540538
144 M/S New  Kashmir Lodge Talab Khatikian Jammu --
145 M/S Welcome lodge, Talab Khatikian Jammu 2579081
146 M/S Basera lodge, Jewel  Chowk Jammu 2548494
147 M/S Khushbu Lodge Talab Khatikian Jammu --
148 M/S  Temple View Lodge, R.N. Bazar Jammu 2542241
149 M/S Sanjay Lodge, Jewel  Chowk Jammu 2575290
150 M/S Mini Ajay hotel, Upper Gumat Jammu 2576722
151 M/S Amar Top Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2575586
152 M/S Dream Land Lodge, Chand Nagar,Jammu 2545519
153 M/S Royal Lodge, Chand Nagar Lower Gumat Jammu 2540039
154 M/S Asif lodge, Talab Khatikian Jammu --
155 M/S Gaylord lodge, Shalimar Jammu --
156 M/S Himalaya hotel Below Gumat Jammu 2543035
157 M/S Char Chinar Lodge, Residency Road Jammu 2572286
158 M/S Arti hotel, Kanak Mandi Jammu --
159 M/S Touch Wood Hotel & Restaurant mkt. Below Gumat Jammu --
160 M/S Pooja Lodge,Vir Marg, Jammu 2549920
161 M/S Airport Restaurant, Air Port, Jammu 9419197739
162 M/S Sunny International Gurudwara S. Singh  Road Jammu --
163 M/S Rishu palace lodge, Hari Market Jammu. 2541079
164 M/S Rajan hotel & Restaurant Kunjwani Bye Pass, Jammu 9419182537
165 M/S Blue Star hotel, Shahidi Chowk Jammu. 2520534
166 M/S Zam Zam Lodge, Opp. Jama Masjid Talab Khatikian Jammu. 2578995
167 M/S Danish Lodge, Opp. Jama Masjid Talab Khatikian Jammu 2520144
168 M/S Nagina Lodge Below Gumat Jammu  
169 M/S M/S Park View Lodge Hari Market Jammu N.A.
170 M/S Krishana Plaza Hotel & Restaurant Rajinder Bazar Jammu. 2547258
171 M/S Choudhary lodge, Chand Nagar Jammu 9697593312
172 M/S Hotel Gold Star Lodge Chand Nagar  Jammu 2435322
173 M/S Hotel Maa Residency Lodge, Opp. Hari Market,  Jammu 2546031
174 M/S Shri Ganesh Lodge Opp. Hari Market, Jammu 2577721
175 M/S Hotel Sampark Lodge Upper Gumat Jammu 2544423
176 M/S Hotel Shri Amar Nath, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu 2474293
177 Shri Krishna Krishan Lodge, Hari Mkt. Jammu. 9086066000
178 M/S Hotel B.M. International Lodge Hari Mkt .Jammu 9086066000
179 M/S Hotel Sumit Palace Lodge Hari Mkt. Jammu. 94191-81380
180 M/S  Hotel Shanti Lodge Chand Nagar Jammu 9796012184
181 M/S Hotel Jai Luxmi Lodge Hari Mkt. Jammu 9419198471
182 M/S Hotel Shivam Lodge, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu 9419138109
183 M/S Hotel Satyam Lodge, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu 2471991
184 M/S Hotel Maruti Lodge Trikuta Nagar, Jammu 2453617
185 M/S New Sher-e-Kashmir Lodge Narwal, 285/6 Tpt. Nagar, Jammu. 94193-16553
186 M/S Ashoka New Diamond Lodge near Rani Mandir Jewel Chowk, Jammu  
187 M/S Devine Yatri Bhawan Lodge, near Railway Station, Jammu. 9419185500
188 M/S New Nishat Lodge Talab Khatikian Jammu.  
189 M/S Hotel New M.C. Dallar’s Gujjar Nagar, Jammu. 2571978
190 M/S Red Rose,B.C.Road,Jammu. 2570419
191 M/S Khan Residency, Lodge Khatikian Talab Jammu. 9796211493
192 Hotel Meridian Palace Opp. Shakuntla Cinema Jammu. 9796691770
193 M/S Neel Top Lodge, Gujjar Nagar Jammu. 9622095729
194 M/S Sun Shine Guest House B.C. Road Jammu. 2571843
195 M/S Hotel 3-CEE, Gujjar Nagar, Jammu. 2560786
196 M/S Hotel Jagdish Plalce, Sant Gouran Marg B.C. Road Jammu. 2577495
197 M/S Hotel Ganpati Lodge Chand Nagar Jammu 2560127
198 M/S Hotel Atithi Lodge Chand Nagar Jammu 2542563
199 M/S Park Inn Lodge, Residency Road Jammu 2560430
200 M/S Chand Lodge Chand Nagar Jammu 9622181246
201 M/S J.K. Breeze, Gujjar Nagar Jammu. 9419223333
202 M/S Kings Lodge Trikuta Nagar Jammu. 2479759
203 M/S Mount View, Gust House, Assarabad Sidhra, Jammu. 9419139055
204 M/S Indereshwar Hotel and Restaurant, R.S.Pura Jammu. 250251
205 M/S Shree Vardhman, Classic Karan Market, Jammu.  9419185465
206 M/s Shirdi Yatri niwas Lodge 107-A Sec-9 Trikuta Nagar Jammu 9419145745
207 M/s Log-Inn lodge DPS School Lane Shidhi Chowk ,Jammu 2545100
208 M/S Tara Palace Guest House, Sant Market Chand Nagar, Jammu. 9419147284
209 The Royal placid Lodge, Id Gah Road, Jammu. 9697504169
210 M/S Hotel Stay In Lodge, Below Gumat, Jammu. 2547880
211 M/S Farida Hotel & Restaurant, Shahidi Chowk, Jammu. 2570001
212 M/S Dee Park View Lodge,100/9 Trikuta Nagar, Jammu 9858511111
213 M/S Pooja Inn Lodge,Vinayak Bazar dogra Chowk, Jammu 9419128815
214 M/S Khushi Lodge, Kanji House Near Fish Market,Jammu. 2545172
215 M/S Soft Touch Lodge, Below Gumat,Jammu. 2544683
216 M/S Hotel Grace Lodge, Opp.EID Gah, Residency Road, Jammu. 2571700
217 M/S A. G. V. M. Enterprises (The Yellow Chilli) Restaurant, Shiva Complex Greater Kailash Jammu. 8803504504
218 M/S Upkar Lodge, Panjbakbtar Mandir Near Residency Road, Jammu. 2543321
219 M/S Sahara Excellency Lodge, Below Gumat, Jammu. 2549882
220 M/S Beigh Lodge & Restaurant, Talab Khatikan, Jammu 9419138109
221 M/S Abshar Hotel & Restaurant, Talab Khatikan, Jammu. 9419168110
222 M/S Zargar Lodge,Talab Khatikian,Jammu. 9858134019
223 M/S Akash Lodge,New Basti Bahu Fort,Jammu. 9419132289
224 M/s New Nagina chand Nagar Jammu 9858170000
225 M/s Sahib Guest House Prem Nagar Jammu 9419168745
226 M/s Ocean Grand Lodge Sant Market Jammu 9419189884
227 M/s Hotel P.R. Bakshinagar Jammu 01912583544

Rajouri & Poonch District

Details of Hotels/Guest House/Lodges

S.No. Name of the Unit Category Registered Address Registration No. /Date E-mail/Id Website
1  M/S Hotel Motherland & Restaurant. C Sh. Bharat Bushan Gupta S/o.Sh.Chuni Lal Gupta R/o W.no.09.Rajouri. Panja Chowk,Rajouri REG/83/ADTR    
2  M/S Bharat International Hotel & Restaurant. C   Sh. Bharat Bushan Gupta S/o.Sh.Chuni Lal Gupta R/o W.no.09.Rajouri Near Busstand Rajouri. REG/25/ADTR    
3  M/S Ashiyana Hotel & Restaurant. C Sh. Girdhar Kumar S/o Sh Sain Dass R/o Nowshera W.No.03. Near Busstand Nowshera REG/117/ADTR    
4 M/S Hotel Shivam Sunderbani. C Sh. Parshotam Lal S/o Sh.Isher Dass R/o.W.no.02.Sunderbani. Near Busstand Sunderbani. REG/64/ADTR    
5  M/S Jandial Hotel & Restaurant. C Sh.Ram Rattan Gupta S/o Sh.Munshi Ram Gupta R/o W.No 06.Sunderbani.  Near Busstand Sunderbani REG/HR/138/ADTR    
6 M/S Sharn Guest House/Lodge. C Smt. Shivani  Gupta W/o Sh Navneet Gupta R/o W.No.09.Rajouri. Rajouri City. REG/04/ADTR    
7 M/S Tarseem Lodge. C Sh. Tarseem Kumar S/o Sh Kali Dass R/o Sunderbani. Sunderbani REG/41/ADTR    
  M/S Bali Lodge . C Sh Kalu Ram Bali S/o Sh Raja Ram R/o W.no.01.Rajouri. Jawhar Nagar, Rajouri REG/01/ADTR    
8         07.08.2001    
   M/S Star View Lodge. C Sh.Sanjeev Kumar S/o Sh Satpal Sharma R/o Jawharnagar. Jawhar Nagar, Rajouri REG/37/ADTR    
9         17.03.2006    
10 M/S Simran  Lodge. C Smt. Harvinder Kour W/o Late Sh Rajinder Singh R/o W.no.10.Rajouri. Near Panja Chowk, Rajouri REG/42/ADTR    
11 M/S Royal Lodge. C Smt Kanta Kumari W/o Late Sh Pushkar Raj,R/o Rajouri. Rajouri City REG/HC52/TDJ    
12 M/S Hamanshu C Sh Kamal Bakshi S/o Late Sh.Som Raj R/o W.No 05 Rajouri. Rajouri City REG/HC-67/TDJ    
  Lodge.       20.11.1995    
13 M/S B.N.G. C Sh Bimal Kumar S/o Late Sh Badri Nath R/o W.no.08.Rajouri. Rajouri City REG/58/ADTR    
  Lodge       10.04.2007    
14 M/S A.R C Sh Rajesh Kumar S/o Sh Anand Ram R/o W.no.05.Rajouri. Rajouri City REG/57/ADTR    
  Lodge       10.04.2007    
15 M/S Chowdhary Guest House. C Sh Ghulam Nabi S/o Sh Khushi Mohammad R/o Gujjar Mandi Rajouri. Gujjar Mandi, Rajouri REG/59/ADTR    
16 M/S R.K C Sh Rajesh Kumar S/o Sh Kuldeep Raj R/o W.no.06 Jawharnagar Rajouri. Near University Morh, Rajouri REG/60/ADTR    
  Lodge       16.04.2007    
17 M/S, Aisherwad C Sh Ravi Kumar S/o Sh Kasturi Lal R/o W.No 04 Rajouri. Near Salani Bridge, Rajouri REG/75/ADTR    
  Lodge       22.01.2008    
18 M/S Khan C Sh Mohd Akram Khan Near Busstand  Rajouri REG/81/ADTR    
  Lodge   S/o Sh Haji Mohd Shafi R/o W.no.09.Rajouri.   10.04.2008    
19 M/S Mount View C Sh Hakim Din S/o Shahwali R/o Panja Chowk Rajouri. Near Panja Chowk, Rajouri REG/82/ADTR    
  Lodge       01.07.2008    
20 M/S Peer Panjal C Sh Shiv Rattan S/o Satpaul R/o W.no.1 Dhani Dhar Rajouri. Near University Morh, Rajouri REG/96/ADTR    
  Lodge       31.07.2009    
21 M/S Ashiyana C Sh Kasturi Lal S/o  Sh Ram Dass R/o Rajouri Near Salani Bridge, Rajouri REG/121/ADTR    
  Lodge       30.09.2010    
22 M/S Zaika Guest House & Resturant. C Sh Abdul Qayoom S/o Sh Abdul Aziz R/o W.no.4 Rajouri Near  Police Station, Rajouri REG/130/ADTR    
23   C   Panja Chowk, REG/156/ADTR    
  M/S Valley View   Sh.Ghulam Fatima W/o Sh Mohd Sayeed Qureshi Rajouri 10.04.2007    
  Guest House/Lodge   R/o Panjgrain, presently Panja Chowk,Rajouri.        
24 M/S Gulzar Guest House. C Sh. Gulzar Hussain S/o Sh Mir Mohd R/o Gujjar Mandi, Rajouri. Gujjar Mandi, REG/GH/137/ADTR    
        Rajouri 19.11.2011    
25 M/S Amir Guest House C Smt Zaheen Akhter W/o Sarfraz Hussain R/o Shahdara Sharief. Shahdra Sharief REG/136/ADTR    
26 M/S Rajdhani Lodge. C Sh. Mohd Aslam S/o Sh Mohd Hussain R/o Rajdhani,Thanamandi. Rajdani REG/127/ADTR    
        Thanamandi. 01.04.2011    
27 M/S B.R C Smt Neelam Sawhney W/o Late Vipan Sawheny R/o Jawhar Nagar. Jawhar Nagar, REG/02/ADTR    
  Lodge     Rajouri 08.08.2002    
        C     REG/GH/150/ADTR    
28 M/S Ashok Guest House   Sh Ashok Kumar S/o Late Kasturi Lal R/o J.Nagar. Gujjar Mandi, 19.03.2013    
29 M/S Hotel Swastik. C Sh Sham Lal S/o Sh Tola Ram R/o W.No.05 Jawharnagar. Jawhar Nagar, REG/161/ADTR    
        Rajouri 21.02.2014    
30 M/S Hill View Guest House & Restaurant C Sh Haji Mushtaq Ahmed S/o Sh Hadyat Ullah R/o Majhoor, Shahdra. Shahdra Sharief  REG/GH/165/ADTR    
31 M/S A.K Guest House & Restaurant C Sh Pushpinder Kumar S/o Sh Kuldeep Kumar R/o Ward No 04 Rajouri. Near Police line,  REG/GH/166/ADTR    
        Rajouri 23.06.2014    
32 M/S Iram Hotel & Restaurant C Sh Rashid Iqbal Dar & Sh Majid Iqbal Dar W.No.03.Kheora,Rajouri REG/HR/173/ADTR    
33 M/S Pine View Restaurant C Smt Maryam Begum W/o Late Manyal, Thanamandi REG/REST/174/    
      Sh Attahllah   ADTR    
34 Vardhan Hotel & Restaurant C Sh Ved Parkash Talwal,Rajouri REG/HR/175/ADTR    
      S/o Late Sh Brij Lal        
35 M/S Hotel Grand Sudharshan & Restaurant. C Sh Rajesh Bali & Jawhar Nagar, REG/HR/176/ADTR    
      Sh Khushal Bali Rajouri Dated:18.06.2015    
36 M/S Three Brothers Guest House, Rajouri C Sh Raman Kumar S/o Sh Inderjeet  Kapoor R/o Jawhar Nagar, Rajouri. Near Slani Bridge, Rajouri REG/GH/180/ADTR    
37 M/S Hotel Aisharwad & Restaurant & Banquet Hall C Sh Vipan Sawhney S/o Kasturi Lal and Sh Amit Kumar S/o Sh Ravi Kumar R/o Ward No.10, Rajouri. Nar Salani Bridge, Rajouri. REG/H/181/ADTR    
38 M/S Anand Hotel & Restaurant. C Sh Pawan Anand S/o Sh Bansi Lal Anand R/o W.No.05.Poonch. Near Busstand Poonch      
39 M/S Hotel Star View & Restaurant. C Sh Manzoor Ahmed S/o Sh Ghulam Mohammad R/o Shanker Nagar W.no.05.Poonch. Near Busstand Poonch  REG/12/ADTR    
40 M/S Hotel Unique C Smt Fatima Begum W/o Sh Manir Hussain R/o Surankote. Surankote REG/H/139/TDJ    
41 M/S R.K.Lodge & Restaurant C Sh. Rajinder Kumar Gupta S/o Poonch REG/Lodge/157/192/TDJ    
                    R/o Poonch Haveli.   24.04.1992    
42 M/S Hotel Nazami & Restaurant C Sh Abdul Razaq S/o Sh Khadam Hussain R/o Surankote Poonch. Surankote REG/51/ADTR    
43 M/S Gonsia Guest House C Sh Amir Ud-Din S/o Sh Ghulam Rasool R/o Mandi Poonch. Mandi(Poonch) REG/45/ADTR    
44 M/S Crown Place and Restaurant C Sh Mohammad Naseem Khan S/o Habib Ullah Khan R/o Surankote. Surankote. REG/GH/167/ADTR    
45 M/S Chinar Guest C Sh Rattan Kumar S/o Nand Lal R/o Ari, Tehsil Mendhar. Mendhar REG/GH/179/ADTR    
  House       10.10.2015    
46 M/S Hotel Asian Residency and Restaurant C Sh Abdul Aziz S/o Sh Abdulla Joo R/o Baila Mandi Poonch. Poonch ADTR/REG/HR/185/ADTR    
47 M/S City Palace Hotel and Restaurant C Sh Mohd Abdullah S/o Late Sh Noor Hussain R/o W.No 10. Surankote (Poonch). Surankote REG/HR/186/ADTR    

Details of Paying Guest House of Rajouri & Poonch District

S.No Name of the Unit Registered Address Registration No & Date E-mail/Id Website
1 M/S Surjeet PGH Sh Surjeet Singh S/o Sh Krishan Singh. (Koteranka)  Rajouri REG/01/ADTR    
2 M/S Bashir PGH Sh Mohd Bashir S/o Sh.Abbass Ali. (Deri Dara) Manjakote REG/02/ADTR    
3 M/S Sharma PGH Sh Anil Sharma S/o Sh Mulakh Raj. (Thudi ) Rajouri REG/03/ADTR    
4 M/S Tanveer PGH Sh Tanveer Hussain S/o Sh Akram Ali. (Badhoon)  Rajouri  REG/04/ADTR    
5 M/S Kamal PGH Sh Kamal Kishore S/o Sh Chuni Lal. (Jawharnagar) Rajouri REG/PGH/05/ADTR    
6 M/S Malik PGH Sh. Mohd Moneem S/o Sh Ghulam Nabi. (Sagrawat) Darhal REG/PGH/06/ADTR    
7 M/S Sarwar PGH Sh Sarwar Khan S/o Sultan Khan. (Azmatabad) Thanamandi REG/PGH/07/ADTR    
8 M/S Tariq PGH Sh Mohd Tariq Rayaz S/o Sh Ataullah Khan.  (Azamatabad)Thanaman REG/PGH/08/ADTR    
9 M/S Zulifqar PGH Sh Zulifqar Ali Khan S/o Attaullha Khan. (Azmatabad) Thanamandi REG/PGH/09/ADTR    
10 M/S Khalid PGH Sh Khalid Majeed S/o Abdul Majeed. (Fatehpur) Rajouri REG/PGH/10/ADTR    
11 M/S Shah PGH Sh Fareed Hussain Shah S/o Sh Maqbool Hussain Shah. (Shahdara Sharief) Thanamandi REG/PGH/11/ADTR    
12 M/S Feroz PGH Sh. Mohd Feroz S/o Sullhajoo. (Thanamandi)  REG/PGH/12/ADTR    
13 M/S Bali PGH Sh Sudharshan Bali S/o S/o Sh Chater Pati R/o Potha Rady. (Jawharnagar) Rajouri REG/PGH/13/ADTR    
14 M/S Javid PGH Sh Mohd Javid S/o Roshan. (Kotranka) Rajouri REG/PGH/14/ADTR    
15 M/S Alim PGH Shri. Alam Din, S/o Imam Ali . (Koteranka) Rajouri REG/PGH/15/ADTR    
16 M/S Khurshid PGH Shri. Khurshid Hussain S/o Faqir Hussain. (Shahdara Sharief ) REG/PGH/16/ADTR    
17 M/S Bader PGH Shri Bader Hussain S/o Makhna. (Kheora) Rajouri REG/PGH/17/ADTR    
18 M/S Wazir PGH Shri Wazir Mohd. S/o Habib Ali. (Azmatabad)  Thanamandi REG/PGH/18/ADTR    
19 M/S Khan PGH Shri Mohd. Afzal Khan S/o Shri Munshi Khan. (Dhanidhar) Rajouri REG/PGH/19/ADTR    
20 M/S Zafar PGH Sh Zafer Iqbal S/o Sh Mohd Azam . (Hill Tak)  Darhal REG/PGH/20/ADTR    
21 M/S Mirza PGH Sh Muneer Hussain S/o Sh Mohd Afsar. (Kandi) Kotranka REH/PGH/21/ADTR    
22 M/S Mushtaq PGH Sh Mushtaq Ahmed S/o Sh Nazir Ahmed. Thanamandi REG/PGH/22/ADTR    
23 M/S Khadam PGH Sh Khadam Hussain S/o Sh Azizullah. Darhal REG/PGH/23/ADTR    
24 M/S Nazir PGH Sh Nazir Hussain S/o Sh Sher Mohd. (Fatehpur) Rajouri REG/PGH/24/ADTR    
25 M/S Pervaiz PGH Sh Pervaiz Ahmed S/o Sher Mohd. (Fatehpur) Rajouri REG/PGH/25/ADTR    
26 M/S Razak PGH Sh Mohd Razak S/o Nazir Hussain. (Fatehpur) Rajouri REG/PGH/26/ADTR    
27 M/S Taj PGH Sh Mohd Taj S/o Sh Beer Mohd. W.No.02.Rajouri REG/PGH/27/ADTR    
28 M/S Iqbal PGH Sh Mohd Iqbal S/o Sh Shahab Din. Shahdara Sharief REG/PGH/28/ADTR    
29 M/S Shahbaz Khan PGH Sh Shahbaz Khan S/o Sh Majeed Khan . (Dhanidhar) Rajouri REG/PGH/29/ADTR    
30 M/S Zia Ul Haq PGH Sh Zia Ul Haq S/o Sh Abdullah . (Badoon) Rajouri REG/PGH/30/ADTR    
31 M/S Rafiq PGH Sh Mohd Rafiq S/o Sh Haji Faqir Mohd. (Dhanidhar) Rajouri REG/PGH/31/ADTR    
32 M/S Fateh Mohd PGH Sh Fateh Mohd S/o Sh Mithu. (Samote) Surankote Poonch REG/PGH/32/ADTR    
33 M/S Showkit PGH Sh Showkit Ali Khan S/o Tasadiq Hussain (Dhani Dhar) Rajouri Reg/PGH/33/ADTR    
34 M/S Hafeez PGH Sh Mohd Hafeez S/o Sh Mohd Din (Gundi) Poonch Reg/PGH/34/ADTR    
35 M/S Sajawal PGH Sh Mohd Sajawal S/o Sh Hushairullah (Chowkian) Darhal Reg/PGH/35/ADTR    
36 M/S Ghani PGH Sh Abdul Ghani S/o Sh Soonajoo Thanamandi Reg/PGH/36/ADTR    
37 M/S Gohar PGH Sh Gohar Iqbal S/o Qazi Mohd Aslam (Manyal) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/37/ADTR    
38 M/S Shaheen PGH Smt Shaheen Akther W/o Sh Mushtaq Ahmed (Surankote) Poonch Reg/PGH/38/ADTR    
39 M/S Rayaz PGH Sh Rayaz S/o Sh Mohd Gulzar (Manyal) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/39/ADTR    
40 M/S Shazia PGH Miss. Shazia D/o Shamsher Hussain Thanamandi Reg/PGH/40/ADTR    
41 M/S Nusrat PGH Smt Nusrat Shaheen W/o Mohd Fareed   Thanamandi Reg/PGH/41/ADTR    
42 M/S Shabnam PGH Miss Shabnam Kouser D/o Abdul Aziz  W.No 4 Thanamandi Reg/PGH/42/ADTR    
43 M/S Gulbadan PGH Sh Gulbadan  Khan S/o Sh Mohd Shabir (Manyal) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/43/ADTR    
44 M/S Maryam PGH Smt Maryam Begum W/o Sh Mohd Khalid (Azmatabad) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/44/ADTR    
45 M/S Chowhan PGH Smt Shazia Chowan W/o Sh Abdul  Qayoom (Tralla) Rajouri Reg/PGH/45/ADTR    
46 M/S Nazia PGH Smt Nazia Jabeen W/o Mohd Sarfaz Khan (Manyal) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/46/ADTR    
47 M/S Tahira PGH Smt Tahira Parveen W/o Sh Mohd Rafi (Surankote) Poonch Reg/PGH/47/ADTR    
48 M/S Fareed PGH Sh Fareed Anjum S/oSh Mushtaq Ahmed (Hasplote) Thanamandi Reg/PGH/48/ADTR    
49 M/S Azqar PGH Sh Azqar Ahmed S/o Sh Mohd Bashir (Kotli Kalaban) Rajouri Reg/PGH/49/ADTR    
50 M/S Rashida PGH Sh Rashid Begum W/o Sh Mohd Yaqoob (Dheri Ralyote) Rajouri Reg/PGH/50/ADTR    
51 M/S Manawara PGH Miss Manawara Begum W/o Sh Mohd Ibrahim W.No.02.Rajouri Reg/PGH/51/ADTR    
52 M/S Chander PGH Sh Chander Mohan S/o Late Sh Jagat Ram (Chanani Bagla) Rajouri Reg/PGH/52/ADTR    
53 M/S Samyal PGH    Sh Habib Ul Rehman S/o Sh Khan Mohd  (Rajdhani) Thanamandi REG/PGH/52-A/ADTR    
54 M/S Shah Begum PGH Sh Mohd Rashid S/o Peera (Kotranka) Rajouri Reg/PGH/53/ADTR    
55 M/S Liakat PGH Sh Mohd Hussain S/o Late Sh Sain Sofi (Ujhan-Margan) Rajouri REG/PGH/54/ADTR    
56 M/S Waqar PGH Sh Mohd Bashir S/o Sh Habib Joo Poonch REG/PGH/55/ADTR    
57 M/S Sunil PGH Sh Sunil Kumar S/o Sh Om Parkash W.No 14. Poonch REG/PGH/56/ADTR    
58  M/S Gurmeet PGH Sh Gurmeet Singh S/o Sh Pritam Singh W/No 07. Poonch REG/PGH/57/ADTR    
59 M/S Abdullah PGH Sh Abdullah Joo S/o Sh Akbar Joo Poonch REG/PGH/58/ADTR    
60 M/S Naranjan PGH ShNaranjan Singh S/o Sh Amar Singh Poonch REG/PGH/59/ADTR    
61 M/S Rahi Manzal PGH Sh Abdul Jabar Tantary S/o Sh Sultan Mohd Tantary (Loran) Mandi, Pooch REG/PGH/60/ADTR    
62 M/S Iqbal PGH Sh Mohd Iqbal S/o Sh Ghulam Ahmed Poonch REG/PGH/61/ADTR    
63 M/S Qamar PGH Sh Mohd Din S/o Sh Qamar Din (Arai) Poonch REG/PGH/62/ADTR    
64 M/S Abass PGH Sh Mohd Abass S/o Mohd Hussain (Arai) Poonch REG/PGH/63/ADTR    
65 M/S Haqla PGH Sh Shamsher Rana S/o Sh Wazir Mohd Poonch REG/PGH/64/ADTR    
66 M/S Abass PGH Sh Mohd Ayoob S/o Sh Nawab Khan (Arai) Poonch REG/PGH/65/ADTR    
67 M/S Ghulam PGH Sh Ghulam Ahmed S/o Sh Habib Joo Poonch REG/PGH/66/ADTR    
68 M/S Farooq PGH Sh Mohd Farooq S/o Sh Mohd Hussain (Arai) Poonch REG/PGH/67/ADTR    
69 M/S Surjan PGH Sh Surjan Singh S/o Sh Prem Singh Poonch REG/PGH/68/ADTR    
70 M/S Zaman PGH Sh Mohd Zaman S/o Sh Khan Mohd Poonch REG/PGH/69/ADTR    
71 M/S Sabir PGH Sh Sabir Hussain S/o Sh Wazir Mohd W.No 2 Rajouri REG/PGH/70/ADTR    
72 M/S Hussain PGH Sh Mohd Hussain S/o Sh Kala Khan (Kotli Kalaban) Rajouri REG/PGH/71/ADTR    

Udhampur, Ramban, Doda and Kishtwar Districts

List of Hotels (District/Category Wise)

S.No. Name of the Hotel Category Renewed up to
Category A
1 Hotel Subash Palace Patnitop “A” 31-12-2017
2 Hotel Green Top Patnitop “A” 31-12-2017
3 M/S Vinns & Resort Patnitop “A” 31-12-2019
Category B 
4 Hotel Holly Day INN Patnitop “B” 31-12-2017
5 Hotel Jai Shree Patnitop “B” 31-12-2015
6 Hotel Dolphin Udhampur “B” 31-12-2019
7 Hotel Parveen & Restaurant Udhampur “B” 31-12-2015
8 Hotel Trinetar Resort Patnitop “B” 31-12-2019
9 Hotel Forest View Patnitop “B” 31-12-2017
Category C 
10 Hotel Patnitop “C” 31-12-2018
11 Hotel Jai Skahan Kud “C” 31-12-2019
12 National Hotel Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
13 Hotel Samrat Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
14 Hotel Nihal Udhampur “C” 31-12-2019
15 Hotel Anand Udhampur “C” 31-12-2019
16 Hotel Dream Land Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
17 Suriya Hotel & Restaurant Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
18 Hotel Natraj Tikri Udhampur  “C” 31-12-2020
19 Hotel Asia the Oasis Resort Pachote Kud “C” 31-12-2015
20 Hotel Broadway Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
21 Hotel Pine View Patnitop (Pachote) “C” 31-12-2014
22 Hotel holly Wood Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
23 Hotel Shahi Santoor Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
24 Hotel Lukshman Mantalai Udhampur “C” 31-12-2020
25 Hotel Maharaja Resort Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
26 Hotel Sky Lark Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
27 Hotel Snow View Patnitop “C” 31-12-2017
28 Hotel Dogra Residency Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
29 Hotel Inderpresth Udhampur “C” 31-12-2016
30 M/S Janta Lodge Hotel Udhampur “C” 31-12-2018
31 Tourist Capri & Restaurant Mand Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
32 Hotel Patnitop INN  “C” 31-12-2019
33 Ram Hotel & restaurant Udhampur “C” 31-12-2017
34 Hotel Mount Shivalik Patnitop “C” 31-12-2017
35 Tanishq Hotel & restaurant  Udr “C” 31-12-2016
36 Pine View Hotel & Restaurant Dharamthal Udhampur “C” 31-12-2018
37 Shanker Hotel & Restaurant  Kud “C” 31-12-2018
38 Hotel Patnitop Height Patnitop “C” 31-12-2017
39 Hotel Prem INN & Restaurant Chenani Udhampur “C” 31-12-2019
40 Hotel Himalaya View Patnitop “C” 31-12-2009
41 HOTEL Samson Karlah Patnitop “C” 31-12-2019
42 Hotel SASAN & Restaurant Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
43 M/S Hot & Chilly Restaurant Udhampur “C” 31-12-2016
44 Tawi View Lodge Bar & Restaurant (Samroli) Udhampur) “C” 31-12-2015
45 Hot & Cilly & Restaurant Udhampur “C” 31-12-2016
Category D
46 Shivalik Lodge Udhampur “D” 31-12-2016
47 M/S Sahil Lodge Udhampur “D” 31-12-2019
48 M/S Lakshmi Lodge Udhampur “D” 31-12-2014
49 Sushila Lodge Udhampur “D” 31-12-2015
50 Vishal Lodge Udhampur  “D” 31-12-2019
51 Chinar Hotel Udhampur “D” 31-12-2014
52 Amar Hotel Udhampur “D” 31-12-2019
53 Sushant Lodge Patnitop “D” 31-12-2018
54 Shiv Lodge Udhampur “D” 31-12-2019
56 Pine View Guest House Patnitop “D” 31-12-2020
57 Crystal Caffee Cum Ice Cream Parlour Patnitop “D” 31-12-2015
District: Ramban
Category C
1 Hotel Green Land Batote “C” 31-12-2015
2 Hotel Hill View Batote “C” 31-12-2015
3 Hotel Prem Palace Batote “C” 31-12-2015
4 Hotel Ramban Regency Ramban “C” 31-12-2017
5 Hotel Tourist Regency Batote “C” 31-12-2015
6 Hotel Moti  Mahal  Batote “C” 31-12-2009
7 Hotel Star Batote “C” 31-12-2011
8 Hotel Shaan Palace Ramban “C” 31-12-2008
9 Hotel Hill Top Batote “C” 31-12-2009
10 Cafeteria/Restaurant (Karol Ramban) “C” 31-12-2016
District: Doda
Category A
1 Hotel Khan Plaza “A” 31-12-2016
Category C
2 Hotel Broad Way Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2018
3 Remat Plaza Doda “C” 31-12-2017
4 M/S Hotel Rafson Doda “C’ 31-12-2019
5 Hotel Janta Doda “C” 31-12-2020
6 Sky Mark Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2015
7 Chota Kashmir Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2013
8 Hotel Suriya Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2017
9 Lodge Touch Wood Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2015
10 Hotel Tak Residency Doda 2 “C” 31-12-2016
District: Kishtwar
Category C
1 Hotel Sen Residency & Restaurant “C” 31-12-2019
2 Hotel Dar & Restaurant Kishtwar “C” 31-12-2014
3 Hotel Kishtwar “C” 31-12-2012
4 Hotel Asraia Hayat & Restaurant Kishtwar “B” 31-12-2016
5 Hotel Phoenix International Kishtwar “B” 31-12-2020

Udhampur, Ramban and Doda Districts

List of Registered Paying Guest House/Guest Houses

S.No. Name of the Guest Houses Category Renewed up to
District Udhampur
1 Rose Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2017
2 Cottage Shiva International Patnitop “C” 31-12-2017
3 Suriya Guest House Kud “C” 31-12-2015
4 Sheesha Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2012
5 Apna Bhojnalya Patnitop “C” 31-12-2012
6 Alpine Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
7 Karan Resorts Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
8 Kassal Height Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
9 Kassal INN Guest House Patnitop “C” 31-12-2014
10 Guest House Sanasar “C” 31-12-2014
11 Pine Villa Guest House Udhampur “C” 31-12-2015
12 Kud View Guest House Kud “C” 31-12-2014
13 Shaurya Guest House “C” 31-12-2020
14 Green Cottage Guest house Kasal Patnitop “C” 31-12-2020
15 Hill View Guest House Kasal Patnitop “C” 31-12-2020
District Doda
1 Sun Shine Guest House Doda City “C” 31-12-2015
2 City Centre Guest House Doda City “C” 31-12-2016
District Ramban
1 Stay INN Guest House Ramban “C” 31-12-2016

Bhaderwah District

List of Paying Guest Houses

S.No. Name of the Guest Houses Category Renewed up to
1 Ganga Jal Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “B” 31-12-2015
2 Metha Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “B” 31-12-2015
3 Winner Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “A” 31-12-2015
4 Sultan Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2014
5 Snow Velly Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
6 Malik Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
7 ThokurPaying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
8 Jamia Masjid Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
9 Fort view Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
10 Himalaya Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
11 Shankh padar Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
12 Nor janhan Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2014
13 Nirmal Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
14 Shapoo Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2015
15 Haveli  Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2016
16 Forest View Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2010
17 Anjum Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2012
18 Bhadarkali Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2011
19 Chinta view Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “B” 31-12-2012
20 Mount view Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2010
21 Bhagban  Guest House (Bhaderwahh) “B” 31-12-2010
22 Ganie Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2010
23 Raja Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2010
24 Rather Paying Guest house Changa Gandoh “C” 31-12-2011
25 Bagwan Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “C” 31-12-2011
26 Niza Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “C” 31-12-2017
27 Khan Paying Guest House Gatha Bhaderwahh “C” 31-12-2012
28 Sharma Paying Guest House Bhaderwahh “C” 31-12-2017
29 Peace-INN-Valley View Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2016
30 Dar Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2012
31 Katal Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2017
32 Hanan Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2017
33 GanaiPaying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2017
34 Manhas Paying Guest House Bhaderwah “C” 31-12-2017

Samba District

List of Registered Hotels

S.No. Name of the Hotel and address Category
1 M/s Hotel Kisan Bari Brahmana C
2 M/s Hotel Mansar Resort Manasar C
3 M/s Hotel Jagat Samba C
4 M/s Hotel 17 Miles Vijaypur A
5 M/s Hotel Shivam Samba C
6 M/s Hotel United Bari Brahmana C
7 M/s Hotel Corporate Bari Brahmana C
8 M/s Hotel Corporate Villa Bari Brahmana C
9 M/s Hotel Rex Sidco Samba B
10 M/s Hotel Bhargav National Highway Samba B
11 M/s Hotel P.C. Sawera Bari Brahmana C
12 M/s Hotel Giani Bari Brahmana C
13 M/s Hotel Om NHW Samba C
14 M/s Hotel Gazelle Lodge Bari Brahmana C
15 M/s Hotel Ishant and Restaurant Vijaypur B
16 M/s Hotel Trinetar Gardens Bari Brahmana A

Kathua District

List of Registered Hotels

S.No. Name of the Hotel and address Category
1 M/s Hotel Grand Plaza Hatli Morh Kathua B
2 M/s Hotel Tangri Kathua C
3 M/s Hotel Green Valley Lodge Bani C
4 M/s Hotel Mahavir Basohli C
5 M/s Hotel Avalon Kali Bari Kathua A
6 M/s Hotel Trikuta Hatli Morh Kathua B
7 M/s Hotel Malik Bani C
8 M/s Hotel Rest Point Raj Bagh Kathua C
9 M/s Hotel Amica Basohli C