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Udhampur at a Glance

The Udhampur district is located in the Shivalik range of Himalayas and the terrain is mostly mountainous. The upper reaches of district experience snowfall in the winter season. Udhampur is popularly known as ‘land of Devika’ and ‘land of Bowlis, Headquarter of District, is named after Raja Udham Singh, the eldest son of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of Dogra rule in Jammu and Kashmir.

The town is said to have been built in place of dense forest where Udham Singh occasionally went on hunting trips till he developed great love for the spot and choose it as site for township.

More Information

Altitude 755 Mtrs.
Summer 40.0°
Best Season All weather Destination
Clothing Summer: Light Cottons.                Winter: Heavy/Medium wollens
Food Every sort of vegetarian and non vegetarian food is available in multiple cuisines to suit every budget.

Getting There

How to reach Udhampur City

Udhampur is well connected by all three modes of transport i.e. air, rail and road.

By Air: The nearest airport is situated at Jammu (69kms) and regular flights run between Jammu and several other cities of the country. All Airlines operate regular daily flights to Jammu connecting different cities.

By Rail: Udhampur is connected with important towns and cities of the country by express and super fast trains.

By Road: one can also reach the city by road through a Jammu-Udhampur Express way.

Where to Stay

A number of hotels are available in Udhampur suiting every budget where as star category hotels and resorts are available in the nearest resort town of patnitop.

What to see in Udhampur

Group of Temples, Kiramchi

Kiramchi is a small village in Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir State. It lies 12 kms north of Udhampur on Udhampur-Lander road and 67 kms from Jammu. The complex consists of five temples and two small shrines. This valley amidst green mountains is located at an elevation of 730 m above the mean sea level. Two rivulets namely "Birunala" and Kiramchi are draining thisarea.

The local tradition says that in the past it was a halting place on Jammu- Kashmir route through Banihal . According to the contemporary of Pandavas of Mahabharata was responsible to lay the foundation of this place. Another tradition ,says that Kiramchi was capital of Bhuti which had been one of the principalities of Jammu region under the successors of Daya-Karan, a ruler of Kashmir. According to Diwan Narsingh Dass Nargis the descendents of king Daya- Karan ruled for many centuries and their dynasty was known as "Bhutials". As per tradition the last ruler of this dynasty named "Himmat Singh" was defeated by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Ultimately The Bhuti was given to Raja Gulab Singh . Thus Bhuti was included in to the Jammu Kingdom in A.D. 1834.

The group of temples at Krimachi has been built over the elevated terrace of Biru Nala.

The Sudh Mahadev & Mantalai Temple

This highly revered Shiva temple is located at a distance of 42 Kms from Patnitop and 112 Kms from Jammu. Legend has it that after bathing at a spring called Gouri Kund, just short of Sudh Mahadev ,the Goddess Parvati would worship the Shivling here that is believed to be at least 3000 years old. The temple also houses a black marble statue of local Shiva and Parvati .A trishul of Lord Shiva is also preserved here. Pilgrims in large number visit the shrine on the full moon night of Sawan to participate in the festival to worship Lord Shiva. The mystical underground stream,Devak believed to be as sacred as the Ganges originates at Sudh Mahadev and disappears among the rocks some distance downstream. Also, of interest, are wooden sculptures, crafted locally. Accommodation is available in Tourist Sarai managed by J&K Tourism Development Corporation and Dharamshala managed by the Dharamarth Trust.

A few kilometers further ahead of Sudh Mahadev is Mantalai(1450 meters) surrounded by lush Deodar forests. As per legend, it is the place where lord Shiva got married to goddess Parvati. Besides the Shiv temple, here one can also visit the complex created by Swami Dhirendra Brhamchari which includes a tree shaped house, an air strip, a hostel and a number of other unfinished project. An excursion through the woods to Naina Devi 5 Kms from Mantalai provides excellent views of the mountain landscape all around.

The Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar is situated on the left bank of Kud river in mid Himalayan range, about 40 Kms west of Udhampur. Ramnagar also served as the capital of old Bandarlta State. During the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, it came under Sikh rule and Raja Suchet Singh, the brother of Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu became its ruler in 1822 A.D. Raja Suchet Singh besides being a valiant general was also a great connoisseur of arts. He took much interest in Ramnagar and built the places Shish Mahal and Purana Mahal. He also renovated the fort situated in the town. The Nawa Mahal complex was built by Raja Ram Singh, who succeeded to the Ramnagar throne in A.D. 1844. He was son of Ranbir Singh who became Maharaja of Ranbir Singh who became Maharaja of J&K in 1856 A.D.

Raja Suchet Singh died in A.D. 1844 near Lahore and it is believed that the queen of Suchet Singh performed sati near the fort. There is also a Samadhi of Maharani in this fort at the site where the sati was performed. Tourists can reach this fort by using a narrow bridge over the moat. The fort was renovated and undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1972.The palace complex at Ramnagar comprises of Shish Mahal, Purana Mahal & Nawa Mahal which are close to each other.

Patnitop-Sanasar Circuit

Another circuit that is popular with tourists and pilgrims visiting Katra is the Patnitop – Sanasar Circuit. Most of the destinations on this circuit are located at altitudes of over 6000 ft. It is a mélange of meadows and coniferous forests with breathtaking views of higher mountain ranges beyond. The climate in summers is bracing and pleasant; a soothing change from the sweltering heat of the plains. In winters the circuit becomes a wonderland which attracts visitors to enjoy the chills and thrills of winter. Especially when it snows, these destinations become playgrounds for winter sports like skiing and sledging and frolicking in the snow. A large No. of tourists visits Patnitop every year. From Katra one proceeds towards Udhampur.12 Kms from Katra, is Chidai Muttal, famous for its wells and well side sculptures. An ancient temple stands beside a small garden here, shaded by Chinar trees normally associated with Kashmir. A brief stopover at this place refreshes one’s soul and mind.


The first hill resort on this circuit, Kud (1738 meters), is a picturesque town located just 9 Kms short of Patnitop. With green pines growing all around this resort commands a panoramic view of the terraced valley downwards and the mountains beyond. A new Mall Road, is presently under construction, which will provide a very good walk around the town giving breathtaking view of the scenic beauty, relaxing the body and mind. A garden laid out at the lower end of the town is nice picnic spot. Besides enjoying a cool climate in summer, it is also has a number of sweets shops and is famous for ‘Patisa’, a specialty sweet prepared in Desi ghee which simply melts in the mouth. People also quench their thirst with the gushing waters of a spring in the market place. A number of hotels and guest houses besides the Tourist Bungalows of the JKTDC here provide decent accommodation for a quiet stay in the hills.

Adventure in Udhampur

The serene twin resorts of Patnitip and Sanasar provides ample adventure opportunities to enthusiasts. One can relish paragliding joy rides to rock-climbing supplemented with Zorbing and trampoline jumps adds thrill to one’s sojourn. The Udhampur District has numerous soft treks to offer to the adventure lovers and school and college students. Simultaneously, Skiing and sledging opportunities to tourists provides an alternate destination to Tourists who can’t make it to Kashmir or Himachal during winters.

Upcoming Wellness/ Yoga Centre at Mantalai

The famed resort of Mantalai in Udhampur, which once housed the Ashram of late Yogi Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari, is being developed as International Yoga Centre (IYC), which will be "second to none" in the country. Situated at 130 kilometers away from Jammu, Mantalai is a picturesque resort in Udhampur district where late Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari had set up his ashram to teach yoga to his disciples. Swimming pools, airstrips, spa, helipads, gymnasium, auditoriums, hostels and business convention centre are all planned for the International Yoga Centre which is supposed to come up in the sprawling 125 acre Ashram of late Yogi.

Other interesting places to visit

Moungri cave Shrines

In the ancient times, the village Moungri was known as Sonara. The word Sonara means a land of hundred water springs. In Dogri language, water spring is called Naaras. According to the legend, it was an abode of Nag Devta (King of the snakes), and once hundreds of natural stone made water springs used to flow. Still at present, a number of such water springs found in the area.

According to another ancient legend, associated with the Kansar Shrine, a small stone shrine of Lord Shiva was discovered by an irate local villager. To remove the impediment in the process of cultivation, agriculture being the mainstay of the local population, the stone structure was uprooted and flung into the Kansar stream. But as soon as this was done calamity befell on the helpless villagers. Then the shrine was hurried retrieved from the rivulet bed and a temple was erected on a nearby hilltop by the rural folks. The temple still stands as a testimony to their labors.

Moungri Cave Shrines-village Moungri-Sonara-land of hundred water springs-abode of Nag Devta -Panchari Block of District Udhampur-Shri Swatantra Dev Kotwal-Shiv Parvati Cave Shrine-nine and half feet high naturally formed rock Shiv Lingam-Joint Parvati Lingam -Damroo-Nandi- Shankhas- Amrit Kund -Kansar Shrine.


The uniqueness ranges from rich cultural heritage to the bowl shaped meadows and from impeccable climate to vast adventure activities attracts tourists.